Warranty of Law

7 years law assurance

Legal advice from proficient partners – free of charge

According to real estate investments buyers as well as sellers profit from our 7 years law assurance adduced from proficient partners*

Example 1:
If a vendor authorizes us to sell his property and the new owner does not pay within the payment deadline we, STEFFENS & ROTH, provide the vendor with the best possible solution and strategy, whether to sue the new owner or not.

Example 2:
If you should buy a property which differs from the status as described by the vendor, e.G. there’s moist in the building, we help you finding the best strategy to solve this problem.


Should Buyer or Seller take notice of any problems after the deal they may make use of our service within this period.

*This offer is valid only in combination with our Standard-QAA (Qualified Exclusive Commission) accompanied by a notary certificate which verifies the connection between S&R, vendor or buyer.